Five Facts About Roussanne That Will Make You Look Like A True Wine Expert!

What is Roussanne?

  • A type of Vitis vinifera grape with beautiful golden skin that burnishes to copper during ripening, Roussanne is one of the four white wines we make at Merry Cellars.
  • In the alpine Savoy region in eastern France this grape is known as Bergeron.


Where does Roussanne come from?

  • This variety is one of the main white wine grapes of France’s Rhône Valley region. In the Northern Rhône, Roussanne can be produced as a stand-alone wine or mixed with Marsanne, another traditional white from that area. In the South, it is one of the six allowed white varietals and can be blended or co-fermented with red fruit.
  • Roussanne has been in Washington State since the ’90s when it was first planted by White Heron Cellars in Quincy.

What does Roussanne taste like?

  • As with all wines, Roussanne can land anywhere on the spectrum from bone dry to very sweet, depending on the winemaking team’s style and intentions. At MC, ours leans heavily into a stone and orchard fruit profile with strong elements of apple blossom, pear skin, and white peach.


Is Roussanne oaked?

  • Any wine can be fermented or aged in oak, be it neutral or new. You won’t easily find an oaky Roussanne, but surely they’re out there! At Merry, none of our whites touches wood and all spend their lives in stainless steel tanks in the time between the vineyard and the bottle.


How should Roussanne be served?

  • Roussanne pairs best with a sunny patio and live music! Try it chilled on its own; alongside spicy Thai food; or in a sangria heavy on the grapefruit and peach with some waves at your feet.
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