2019 Syrah Food Pairings

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2019 Syrah Food Pairings:

Lamb | Grilled Meats | Bacon | Blue Cheese

Looking to impress your Valentine with a perfect wine pairing? Our 2019 Syrah is the ideal choice. Sourced from the distinguished Stillwater Creek Vineyard, it harmonizes beautifully with lamb, bacon, grilled meats, and blue cheese. With its juicy layers of ripe fruit and firm tannins, this wine promises a well-balanced, full-bodied experience. Make this month of love unforgettable with our exceptional Syrah.


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2019 Syrah Food Pairings-lamb

The 2019 Syrah is a standout pairing with lamb due to its robust character and intense flavors. Its “bigger” profile complements the richness of lamb, enhancing its savory notes. The wine’s depth and concentration, along with its firm tannins, harmonize perfectly with the bold flavors of lamb, creating a memorable dining experience

2019 Syrah Food Pairings-grilled meats
Grilled Meats 

The 2019 Syrah is a natural companion to grilled meats and barbecue dishes, thanks to its vibrant flavor profile. Its robust structure and depth perfectly complement the charred, smoky notes of grilled meats, whether it’s succulent steaks, juicy burgers, or tender ribs. The wine’s richness and firm tannins hold up admirably against the intensity of barbecue sauces, enhancing the overall dining experience.

2019 Syrah Food Pairings-bacon

The 2019 Syrah isn’t just for dinner—it’s your brunch buddy too! Picture this: bacon sizzling in the pan, eggs perfectly scrambled, and a glass of Syrah waiting to join the party. With its rich fruit flavors and firm structure, it’s the ultimate brunch companion. After all, as they say, “You can’t drink all day if you don’t start early!” Cheers to brunch adventures with Syrah!

2019 Syrah Food Pairings- blue cheese
Blue Cheese

The 2019 Syrah is a culinary delight that marries flawlessly with the bold flavors of blue cheese, creating a symphony of taste on the palate. Whether you’re indulging in a decadent cheese platter or assembling a charcuterie board, this wine elevates every bite. Picture the perfect harmony of juicy layers of ripe fruit and the tangy richness of blue cheese, making every sip a savory delight.


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