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A Message from our Winemaker

Happy Spring !

With the arrival of spring, we’re buzzing with excitement here at Merry Cellars. The days are getting longer, the weather is warming up, and the urge to enjoy a glass of wine on the patio is getting  harder to ignore.

Looking back on recent happenings, we can’t help but smile at the memories created during our Valentine’s Winemakers Dinner and the WSU Parents Weekend. Both events were a blast, filled with great company and, of course, fantastic wine. A big thank you to everyone who joined us and made those events  unforgettable!

We’re thrilled to announce the release of our much-loved Rosé. We celebrated both the Rosé and the latest album release of a very special international popstar at the tasting room this month. Thank you all who swung by and celebrated with us! For everyone, that missed the Rosé release our 2023 Rosé is available now in our tasting room and will be available on our webstore at the end of the week!

Looking ahead, we’re gearing up for our Rosé 5K, kicking off signups this month! Lace up your sneakers and save the date for June 29th as we come together for a day of “fitness” and wine   right here at the winery. If you cant make it to the winery in person feel free to signup at the link below.

We can’t wait  to see you all this spring with Rosé in hand!


Patrick R. Merry

Founding Winemaker

Wine packaging.
Like most good things in life, wine comes in all shapes and sizes. The grocery store has 5 liter boxed wines, the gas station sells 500 milliliter cartons, the golf course stocks 12 ounce cans—and of course here at your local winery we are happy to supply you with the standard 750 mill glass bottles ????
Boxed wine, or bag in box (BIB), should be consumed immediately, not cellar aged. They don’t need to be finished immediately, however, as the self-draining bag prevents oxygen from coming into contact with the wine and ensures it stays good for a long time.
Wine in cans is another option for lightweight packaging. This non-resealable vessel is great for camping, hiking, the pool, or the beach—anywhere you wouldn’t want glass around.
Cartons are alike in intention to cans in that they’re lightweight and standalone. They’re of slightly larger volume at 500 mL and have a shallow pour spout with a lid, thus can be resealed. The carton itself is a paper product lined with a polymer and a fine layer of aluminum to prevent oxidation and light infiltration.

Less common than the above styles but rather more futuristic looking are non-glass bottles made of lightweight materials like cardboard (similar to cartons), aluminum (similar to cans), or polyethylene terepthalate (similar to the lining of a BIB).

Newsletter - April 2024 - Vineyard
The packaging all of us are most used to is of course the glass bottle, in use since the 1600s. Glass is the best material in which to age wine over time so it is the right choice for wines that aren’t ready to drink right away (and of course for investment wines this is the only way to go).

Regardless what container you choose next time you’re looking to purchase, remember as with people so with wine: it’s what is on the inside that counts.

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Maureen O’Callaghan,

Assistant Winemaker

Newsletter - April 2024 - 2021 Malbec

In The Spotlight:

2021 Malbec
Stillwater Creek Vineyard.

Indulge your palate with Merry Cellars’ award-winning 2021 Malbec, recently honored with a prestigious Gold (91 points) at the San Diego International Wine and Spirits Challenge.
Throughout this month, revel in its excellence with an irresistible 25% OFF  discount. This richly colored wine captivates with a symphony of flavors—ripe cherry, plum, and blackberry dance harmoniously, accented by subtle nuances of vanilla and toasty oak.
A classic Bordeaux varietal, meticulously crafted to perfection, it embodies centuries of winemaking tradition.

Harvested at the pinnacle of ripeness, and aged for sixteen months in 100% one-year-old American oak, this Malbec offers a captivating aroma with a delicate touch of vanilla. With moderate tannins and balanced acidity, it promises an unforgettable sensory experience, time after time.

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Tasting Notes.
The aroma is brilliant,  bright, and  really shines in the glass. Lots of fruit. That seems generic, but honestly, it’s just packed. It’s got red fruit, purple fruit, almost a little bit of kind of like blueberry juice, if you could imagine that. It’s slightly herbaceous with a little bit of menthol.
First, what hits me is the central fruitiness of Malbec. Some people describe it as grapey. That seems obvious, but it doesn’t really come through in a lot of other Bordeaux varieties as much as it does with Malbec. This one’s got some black berry, and a little bit of really ripe plum skin that is very herbaceous.
And the after effect (the mouthfeel)  is not too tannic and  not too acidic  it’s got a nice gripping to it . It has  structure  and “shoulders” to say the lease as  it can stand up to anything.
Pairing Suggestions
Foods with alot of protein like steak, vension, grilled  meats, etc. would be an excellent  pairing. Anything that is high in fat, maybe like a pasta with a cream sauce, something like that would also go really well with this.
Newsletter - April 2024 - Chelsey Pours
Come be a part of our story.

Newsletter - April 2024 -Happy Patio

New Upcoming Events.
June 29
Rosé 5K!
July 23-27
Summer Case Sale!
Aug 16

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Patrick R. Merry

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