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A Message from our Winemaker

First and foremost, we would like to extend our sincerest congratulations to all of the recent WSU and U of I Graduates! We wish you the best in your future endeavors and we hope you are not still too hungover after your big day! lol

Looking forward to the future… We are working tirelessly to get ready for our Summer Concert Series!  That’s right folks, at the moment we have 6 patio concerts planned for this summer including some of your favorite Palouse locals such as Douglas Cameron, Andru Gomez, The Jon & Rand Band, and more. These summer concerts are some of our favorite events we host at the Winery, and we are happy to be bringing them back!

Additionally, we’re gearing up for our Rosé 5K because is a month away (give or take)!  June 29th marks the date of the fabled “fitness” and wine celebration here at the winery. Registration is open and includes a tee shirt, commemorative stemless glass (filled with Rosé of course), and an afternoon of fabulous music on the patio. If you can’t make it to the winery in person, feel free to sign up at the link below.

We can’t wait to see you all on the patio this summer!


Patrick R. Merry

Founding Winemaker


Rosé FAQ

Why do we call this pink wine ‘rosé’?
Rosé is the French word for the color pink, and English-speaking wine regions are historically rather francophilic with their wine vocabulary.
Why are rosés different colors?
The duration of the grape skins’ contact with the juice during the pressing or fermentation process determines the intensity of color in the resulting wine. The specific shade of pink or orange depends on the variety of grape. Any red grape can be used to make rosé, and since all of those have slightly different color aspects, a rosé of Cabernet Franc will be different than one made of Sangiovese or Pinot Gris or Syrah. Also, over time, the color will lose its intensity as the acidity of the wine lessens. Some old rosés can even end up practically colorless once they fade!

 How should rosé be served?

Treat rosé like a white wine. Keep it chilled and serve on a hot day! Or on a cold day. Or in the evening. Maybe even in the morning?

Check  out the full article at this link!

Maureen O’Callaghan,

Assistant Winemaker

Newsletter-May 2024-2021 Sangiovese

In The Spotlight:

2021 Sangiovese
Stillwater Creek Vineyard.

Transport yourself to Tuscany without leaving Washington state with our 2021 Sangiovese. Bursting with sun-drenched ripe raspberry notes, this rustic wine offers a soft texture and a crisp, clean acidity that dances on the palate.
very sip is a journey through Italian flavors, transforming any meal into a feast fit for the Mediterranean. The intense, spice-laden finish lingers tantalizingly, inviting you to savor each moment. Aged for 16 months in predominately new French oak, this Sangiovese is a testament to craftsmanship and tradition.
Blended with Cabernet Sauvignon aged in neutral Hungarian cooperage, it embodies our dedication to crafting Sangiovese. Saluti to a taste of Italy in every glass!

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Tasting Notes.
The aroma is brilliant,  bright, and  really shines in the glass. Lots of fruit. That seems generic, but honestly, it’s just packed. It’s got red fruit, purple fruit, almost a little bit of kind of like blueberry juice, if you could imagine that. It’s slightly herbaceous with a little bit of menthol.
First, what hits me is the central fruitiness of Malbec. Some people describe it as grapey. That seems obvious, but it doesn’t really come through in a lot of other Bordeaux varieties as much as it does with Malbec. This one’s got some black berry, and a little bit of really ripe plum skin that is very herbaceous.
And the after effect (the mouthfeel)  is not too tannic and  not too acidic  it’s got a nice gripping to it . It has  structure  and “shoulders” to say the lease as  it can stand up to anything.
Pairing Suggestions
Foods with alot of protein like steak, vension, grilled  meats, etc. would be an excellent  pairing. Anything that is high in fat, maybe like a pasta with a cream sauce, something like that would also go really well with this.
Newsletter-May 2024-Chelsey Pours
Come be a part of our story.

Newsletter-May 2024-Happy Patio

New Upcoming Events.
June 29
Rosé 5K!
July 23-27
Summer Case Sale!
Aug 16

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Patrick R. Merry

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