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Looking ahead to the upcoming months, we’re buzzing with excitement as we prepare for our Summer Concert Series! A big thank you to the Jon and Rand Band who kicked off the musical festivities last Friday – such an amazing performance! Be sure to check them out via Facebook.  We have a lineup of five more patio concerts planned for this summer, featuring beloved local and regional talents like Douglas Cameron, Andru Gomez, and more. These concerts are a highlight of our summer calendar, and we’re thrilled to bring them back to the winery!

And let’s not forget about the Rosé 5K, which is just around the corner! Registration is closed but if you have tickets, be sure to arrive no later than 2:00pm this Saturday, June 29th for a day of fitness (well, sort of) and wine celebration (absolutely).  After the run, enjoy live music from Paradox and, of course, food will be available (we are thinking of some burgers, brats and sides this time of year).


Patrick R. Merry

Founding Winemaker

Five Facts About Roussanne!
What is Roussanne?
A type of Vitis vinifera grape with beautiful golden skin that burnishes to copper during ripening, Roussanne is one of the four white wines we make at Merry Cellars. In the alpine Savoy region in eastern France, this grape is known as Bergeron.
Where does Roussanne come from?
This variety is one of the main white wine grapes of France’s Rhône Valley region. In the Northern Rhône, Roussanne can be produced as a stand-alone wine or mixed with Marsanne, another traditional white from that area. In the South, it is one of the six allowed white varietals and can be blended or co-fermented with red fruit. Roussanne has been in Washington State since the ’90s when it was first planted by White Heron Cellars in Quincy.

What does Roussanne taste like?

As with all wines, Roussanne can land anywhere on the spectrum from bone dry to very sweet, depending on the winemaking team’s style and intentions. At MC, ours leans heavily into a stone and orchard fruit profile with strong elements of apple blossom, pear skin, and white peach.

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Maureen O’Callaghan,

Assistant Winemaker


In The Spotlight:

2022 Roussanne
Stillwater Creek Vineyard.

Roussanne stands out among white wine varieties for its alluring bouquet, featuring fragrant herbs, warm spice, roasted nuts, and delicate hints of pepper. On the palate, it delivers a luxurious experience, with a rich, full-bodied texture and a harmonious blend of flavors. Notes of honeycomb, elegant florals, and subtle apricots dance gracefully across the senses, leading to a lingering finish that is both smooth and satisfying.
This particular Roussanne earned a remarkable 92 points at the prestigious Los Angeles Invitational Wine and Spirits Challenge, a testament to its exceptional quality and craftsmanship.
Crafted with care, it underwent fermentation and aging in stainless steel, with primary fermentation taking place at a controlled 58°F for approximately 8 weeks, followed by 100% ML fermentation and meticulous blending to achieve its superb balance and complexity.
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Tasting Notes.
Fruity, a little floral. Mostly orchard fruits, orchard flowers, pear, peach, apple.
Crisp, a small touch of acidity, and definitely a touch of sweetness. Juicy!
Clean, a little bit cloying but overall a really crisp, clean, white wine. All of our whites, including the Roussanne, go through stainless steel fermentation.
Pairing Suggestions
Our Roussanne would pair well with anything full in flavor, especially seafood.  Lobster would be a superb combo. Perhaps something with a lot of cheese or with a creamy texture. French onion soup is another great option that would go great with this wine and would really balance out the acidity and sweetness of the Roussanne.
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Patrick R. Merry

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